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BackOffice advancedsearch widget not loading

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We have a problem with backoffice using com.hybris.cockpitng.advancedsearch
When it is surrounded by com.hybris.cockpitng.defaulttabwidget widget it doesn’t load until orchestrator is not turned on and off. So when you open BackOffice and try to use advancedsearch there is only ‘No type selected’ but when you press F4 twice, to turn orchestrator on and off, widgets are working fine.

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Hi ,

No type selected label would indicate that a that has not been received by a widget.

Please check your connections.

You should also bear in mind that you should not send any messages within the scope of initialize method as it is called right after a widget container is rendered and not all widgets are there yet - it may result in message being lost (receiver may not be there yet). If it is your case then please use com.hybris.cockpitng.util.UITools#postponeExecution is such situation.

You can also try some debugging: com.hybris.backoffice.widgets.advancedsearch.AdvancedSearchController#updateSearchMode would be a good starting point.

Cheers, Jacek

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Thanks for the comment. I did not mention, it was working fine on Hybris 6.1 and stopped working after migration to Hybris 6.6