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B2B Scenario-Error

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we have to build a webshop (Website) where customers buy their products.

For the products to be displayed in the webshop we need to do the following steps:


1. CRM Configuration:


a. Creation of a Product Catalog.

b. Once the Product catalog is created we have to replicate it into TREX.

c. When customer logs into the Web Shop the products are being pulled from TREX and displayed there.


2. ISA Configuration:


a. We configured ISA (Internet sales Application) using XCM (Extended Configuration Management a tool available in ISA).

b. We created Webshop manager, Super User and Internet Customer (Actual Customer also called as Contact Person in CRM).

c. We created Web Shops and assign the Product catalog we have in CRM to this Web Shop.


Problem we are facing:</b>

When the customer logs into the B2B Site he will be given the option to select the Shop, Sold to Party (Each Sold to Party will have a contact person attached to him and this contact person does the actual shopping) and then he enters into webshop which should display the Product Catalog ( This is what is not happening in our case).

The message that we get when we try to select a product in the product catalog is "No products were found"

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Answers (2)

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In your XCM config have you configured your catalog server correctly? I think the entry just needs to point to the host, not the full catalog path.

So if you catalog is published to folder CATALOG on host CATHOST then you don't put http://CATHOST/CATALOG/ - you just put http://CATHOST.

I've seen this mentioned before.

Hope it helps,


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Hi Ankur,

your error details are not really enough, but you may check the following:

- how many catalog variants are defined per catalog - how many sales organizations?

- Does all catalog items belong to the selected sales organization (given by the catalog variant)?

- do you have defined Catalog Views and is the Contact Person assigned to these Views? Which items are assigned to the Views?

The catalog variant defines the sales organization, language, currency and pricing procedure of the shop. In case you have two or more variants with different sales organizations it can happen that the items are displayed in COMM_PCAT_ITM, but not online. Please go to COMM_PCAT_ADM and display the catalog used for your shop. Once you click on one of the areas and the list of items is displayed, please use the drop-down box located on the top right side of the items list. From there you can sort the items list depending on the Catalog Variant, which means sort depending on the sales organization.

Please use the used in the Shop Catalog Variant and check if the list of items in empty. If the list is empty this means that the items are not assigned to the given sales org.

Hope this helps you.