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Advanced search operator

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Hi experts,

I need to configure advanced search in order to make search using the AND operator between fields The OR operator with the same field values for example

Field A

Field B

Advanced Search request : A and B

Field A

Field B:

Value B1

Vaule B2

The search request : A AND (B1 OR B2)

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According to it's possible:

By default, the Advanced Search widget allows to use a single global operator when defining a search query (either OR or AND). It is possible though to set multiple conditions for search, e.g.: (condition A OR condition B) AND (condition C OR condition D). To learn more how to implement that, see the Advanced Search Backoffice Framework Search API.

Tutorial, how to implement it, is available here:

Nevertheless, it's possible only from API point of view. In other words, you cannot construct such query by using Advanced Search Widget in UI.