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Adding more divisions with backend

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Hi All,

I have a queston to you.

Currently we are using a CRM 3.0 ISA with an R3 backend. The division is active in CRm and it is routed to Dummy division 04.

we plan to add division 10 to the system.

Is it possible?

Can you please help us what are the necessary additional steps including intial load of master data?

Our orders are loaded from CRm to R3. is it possible when using multiple divisions?

Any documents are welcome.

For reward points of course.

Thank you


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Barabas,

Are you trying to have multi division at header level or item level?

If it is for item level the answer is certainly Yes. And there is nothing

to do with dummy division at header level.

But if you intend to have different division used at header level,

as far as I know, your SAP CRM support only 1 default division.

I am not in the system right now, but I think you can, if you need

to change the default division later in transaction document.

Hope this helps.


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