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A CRM with a single contact table with two different scope | Will this be advisable?

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My org has a need for a CRM, but two different scopes. The scopes are (i) case management of student records, (ii) donation/grant management.

The CRM has a module for (i) case management of student records, and (ii) donation/grant managements. Both modules can be installed at the same time and are connected to the same database instance. However they will use the same Contact table.

My issue is that the scopes are different. There is no real overlap between the contacts (students vs donors). And I sense that it would be a mistake populating both of them in the same contact table.

Any thoughts or advice?

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If you clearly distinguish between the two types of contacts by Roles, I dont see a problem why you wouldnt be able to do so. You could even go one step further and differentiate between the two by a separate number range, just to make it more visual for those users who are 'into numbers'.

So 'all' you have to do, when using separate roles to distinguish, everytime a user accesses the contact list, you need to make sure, that only those contacts are selected, based on the according role for the given use case.

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