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Installing the Electronics and Powertools storefronts on hybris v. results in a HTTP Status 500 - Matched CMSSite for current URL has unsupported channel error when navigating to them in a browser. On investigation setting Electronics to Channel = B2B and Powertools is set to B2C enables the storefront; however this impacts the storefront as functions do not work.

What needs to be done to correctly set the Channel for each storefront?

In response to Tyler:

I don't think this does answer my specific point.

When the Commerce suite is built with both B2C and B2B enabled the storefronts are all available.

The Apparel sites work as expected and are designated as B2C.

However both the Electronics and Powertools sites return the 'HTTP Status 500' error.

When initially started the Site Channels settings are as expected:

Apparel UK = B2C

Apparel DE = B2C

Electronics = B2C

Powertools = B2B

By changing the Site Channel setting for the Electronics to B2B and the Powertools to B2C it is then possible to browse the sites. So the B2B Site Channel setting does work but for the wrong site - Electronics. Setting the incorrect Site Channel surely has the impact of changing the site behaviour. The fact that the Apparel sites work and the Electronics and Powertools sites are browsable when the Site Channel is changed suggests that it is a config issue with the site, which I'm assuming results from an incorrect setting in the site Impex files. Having taken a look I can't see anything obvious.

It would be great to know why the sites don't work in a standard build and what needs to be done to fix them (other than setting the incorrect Site Channel).


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