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This blog aims to discuss how we could use the Work Distribution Rules to default an Owner in the transactions -

Using the Involved Parties of the Opportunities-> Rule "Employee Responsible for Sales" along with a Work Distribution Rule defined for this Rule, this can be achieved

Eg: If the Rules for Party Determination in an Opportunity specify that the owner can be determined by the following:

     - Employee Responsible of the Account Team

     - Employee Responsible of the Territory Team

But, while creating the Account, the data specified in the Account meets none of the above.. say neither an Account Team has been defined with an Owner, nor is there a Territory Team. We still don't want the Opportunity to have no Owner determined. In such a case, using the Work Distribution Rules, one can specify a default Employee here.. Here is how you could do this:

1. To ensure that the Work Distribution Rule gets evaluated, you have to enable the associated rulel in Maintain Distributions of the Involved Parties for the Opportunities (Business Configuration -> Fine Tuning -> Opportunities -> Involved Parties)

2. Next, ensure that there is a rule that is defined for the "Employee Responsible for Sales".

Go to Administrator -> General settings and locate Work Distribution Rules

3. Define a Rule specifying the Owner who should get defaulted - Eg: Ulrike

4. Next, to test, create an Account for which no Account Team / Owner / Territory has been defined - so that there is no Owner that can be determined in the transaction

5. Finally, create an Opportunity for this customer - and check if Ulrike gets defaulted as the Owner

Cheers !


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