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For example I can see this assignment block for Sales order:

However in service order overview page, this assignment block is missing:

I checked the configuration in UI component BT116H_SRVO and this assignment block is already there:

Unfortunately it still does not appear in the Available Assignment Blocks list when personalization button is clicked. So this view must be filtered out in the runtime based on some rules.

Then I am doing check in component BSP_DLC_PERS where the assignment block personalization is implemented, and trying to find some logic written in its controller class.

And I found a promising method: PREPARE_OUTPUT_4_OVW.

In this method UI framework call Service Order overview page controller's DETACH_STATIC_OVW_VIEWS to get the filtered out view in the runtime.

Now it turns out very clearly that the filtering logic is done in method DETACH_STATIC_OVW_VIEWS of Service Order controller, and here it is:

The criteria whether a given assignment block must be displayed in one order overview is controlled by the corresponding flag populated in function module CRM_INTLAY_DEACT_PTRD.

For the service order I am using for test, since there is no organization profile assigned to the transaction type, so the organizational management assignment block is decided to be hidden in overview page accordingly.