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1 - Registered Products Survey.

Company provided assets at a customer premise plays a key role in aiding the field sales/services activities. Therefore, regular feedback about the health of these assets is extremely important for the organization.

In 1611 release we have introduced a new type of survey with the help of which a survey can be conducted for the registered products/ assets that are within the customer premises. This survey can then provide insightful data about the usage and the condition of the assets, based on which necessary actions can be initiated. The Registered Products type survey can be designed as any other product survey. The Product determination of Registered product surveys happens during runtime and is based on the account associated with the survey during runtime.

New type of Survey - Registered Products can be created in Design time. This survey would have all the characteristic of the existing product survey.

The Registered Products of the survey would be determined during runtime, based on the account for which the survey is being executed.

2 - Question Level Attachments

Merchandisers and sales/service representatives use surveys as a medium of gauging and reporting the ground realities in the field. Often pictures are associated with surveys to corroborate a response.

In 1611 release we introduced the option of assigning pictures to individual questions/answers during runtime. This is in addition to the functionality of assigning pictures at a survey level.

The clipper icons during runtime suggests to the user that an attachment can be taken for that particular question.

A flag - runtime attachments is provided at a question level during design time, which would enable this feature.

Which means that not all questions would have the option to assign picture during runtime until and unless it is specified during designing the survey.

Also please note that this functionality is supported for Checklist type surveys