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A great many features have gone live for SAP Customer Data Cloud during September. In case you missed these, here are a few highlights of our September releases.

Sign in with Apple: Apple have released the option to log into apps with an Apple ID. They've even made it mandatory for applications that have a social login option to include signing in with Apple as one of the options, as a condition for app store approval. Naturally, we've added support for signing in with Apple to our social login widget – visit the docs to learn more.

Lite Webhooks: our Lite Registration customers can now start receiving webhook notifications not only for interactions of fully registered users, but also at an earlier stage of the customer journey, when customers perform lite, passwordless registration. To prevent customers from suddenly receiving notifications they weren't expecting, we've added a versioning mechanism, to allow you time to prepare your downstream systems to start receiving all those lite notifications.

Console: Console users surely noticed that different areas of the Console have been redone over the past months, with the most obvious recent change made to the home page, now called the 'Sites' page. The main page includes the option to collapse and expand all site groups and new pagination. Perhaps most importantly, the search functionality has changed, and is now not limited only to searching by tags, and you can now also search for your sites by site domain, ID, data center, description and API key.

We've also moved the SMS provider configuration to a centralized page in the Console, so that whether you are configuring providers for RBA, Phone Number Login or both, you can do it all in one go in the Admin space of the Console.

This follows a series of changes to some of the most used areas of the Console, such as Identity Access, Policies and IdentitySync. Great delivery of improved user experience!

Email Verification: – speaking of policies: some of our customers require that users prove their identities via email verification. The only way to do this used to be a link that is sent automatically to users after they register, which means that the screen-set flow stops immediately after email submission, and doesn't follow through the actual validation. Now, you can choose to let users validate using a code sent to their emails, so that after submitting their email, the next screen opens for code input. Users can then complete registration and verification all in the same flow.

Finally, have you tried our new Android and Swift mobile SDKs? They enable implementing Customer Identity on your native apps, and now support risk-based authentication, and signing in with Apple too!

Hope you enjoy these exciting enhancements to the platform, and stay tuned for upcoming release info!