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OK, so documentation probably isn’t your first choice of a gripping summer read. Still, it’s worth skimming through the 1908 highlights, so you don’t miss anything.

Take a Step to the Right! – The Web Assistant Just Moved

Now when you call the in-app help (using ? or F1), you’ll notice a cleaner, smarter layout with the new vertical alignment of the help panel on the right.
The help panel no longer overlays the user interface, which resizes automatically so that nothing is hidden from view.

Tidying up the admins’ desk – See how in the New Data Load Monitor Video

The Data Load Monitor app has been around for a few releases already, but perhaps it escaped your notice just how useful it can be at supporting your admin housekeeping.

The monitor evaluates asynchronous data imports and lists all errors and warnings occurring across all your imports. This provides admins with a handy To-Do list that they can work through, correcting message by message, then restarting imports, and thus enhancing data quality on an ongoing basis.

We’ve produced a short video to show you how it works.

API Field Descriptions Now Externally Accessible – Helping to Ensure Data Quality Upfront

Of course it makes more sense to validate the correctness of your data before importing it into the marketing system. Then you have fewer errors to correct afterwards. That’s why we are providing more and more metadata files containing detailed API field descriptions.
Last time you told us that it wasn’t always possible to access the file internally, because you need to know the server and port, so we’ve provided links that can be accessed externally, after a simple logon to the SAP API Hub. Have a look at this example under Technical Field Documentation.

Over 2000 Subscribers on Our YouTube Channel

The number of subscribers to the SAP Marketing Cloud Deep Dive channel recently topped the 2000 mark and the video team is kept very busy responding to the steady stream of requests for new videos.

Recent additions include:

UA Quality Enhancements in the Pipeline

The UA team has a number of quality enhancements underway, which will be rolled out successively over the next couple of releases. These include streamlining documentation structures, improving the findability of our help resources, and conducting customer feedback sessions on in-app help.

We value your feedback and always take it seriously. So keep it coming.

Thank you and best regards,

Joan for the UA Team

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