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The last few years have become an inflection point in the way we engage with customers and the demand for producing on-brand, professional-grade content at scale is now the gold standard.

As we continue to push forward in the months ahead, fulfilling all these content needs will require a whirlwind of creative energy and innovation. Unified by a singular and globally-aligned brand voice with a rich heritage, a network of multi-talented individuals and teams within the organization is evolving into a growing community – collectively, the creative inside of SAP.

Made up of graphic designers, writers, editors, project managers, and technical artists from various departments; all wearing many hats and guided by SAP’s brand principles to address the current conditions of increased and broadening demand for customer content.

As we look across the organization, we see the results of these efforts in exciting and immersive content experiences happening on screens of all sizes for every device. From the return of in-person events to virtual ones being broadcast around the globe to accentuating remote video production capabilities and expanding templates and tools enablement. As creators and creative minds, we’re all realizing new ways to communicate and convey SAP’s customer solutions and business offerings in stunning and vivid displays of imagination.

As SAP creative community contributors, we also bear the responsibility of connectivity. By sharing processes and best practices, we’re more than members, we’re also a supportive following – as motivated by the level of innovative design work taking place inside as we are driven by what’s trending outside.

For these reasons, SAP North America’s Design Services team is leading an initiative to bring some of the most helpful and inspiring creative conversations and technical know-how from behind the scenes into wider discussion through a range of topically relevant articles covering instructional tips, helpful how-to's, deeper dives, trend watching, and more. Each article will be through an insightful lens from a creative perspective – for the benefit of anyone at SAP.

Possible topics to include:

  • Showcasing innovative workflows and processes being implemented by teams across SAP in graphic design and content creation.

  • Examining the wide range of best practices in digital media, event production, video storytelling, and asset management.

  • Drawing inspiration from what’s trending.

  • Understanding ways in which SAP is recruiting and retaining top creative talent in every department and region.

  • Personalized interviews with some of the most cutting-edge creative teams and individuals.

  • Valuable demonstrations of useful tools and programs to help all SAP community members stay current, relevant, and compliant.

Through timely and to the point articles, our goal is to bring the best of the creative happening inside of SAP to the broader SAP community, and beyond.

As a design service and content creation team responsible for both internal and customer-facing content, we know sharp creative insights can originate from anywhere. We are uniquely suited to present these topics because of our position as equal part content creators and content consumers within the SAP brand environment.