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If you are into learning about Spartacus, Sparta-Town is the right live session to join.

Spartacus is a lean, Angular-based JavaScript storefront for SAP Commerce Cloud. Spartacus talks to SAP Commerce Cloud exclusively through the Commerce REST API.

Sparta-Town is a live session with original content, hosted by the Spartacus development team. In each session, we present a project implementation demo, and we provide in-depth examples of our experience in tackling technical challenges.

Our next session is on November 28, when SmartCommerce team will share their experience in implementing a B2B Storefront with Spartacus.

If you are into technical topics, we will share our experience in the implementation of SSR (Server Side Rendering) in Spartacus.

We implemented SSR for SEO and performance. The SEO allows search bots to index content from dynamic SPA pages, and in case of performance, it speeds up showing the first meaningful content to the user.

Register here.


More information about Spartacus:

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Spartacus Github
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Spartacus Public Slack
Spartacus Twitter
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