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The blog specifies the steps to configure SMS settings to send an outbound SMS from Campaign.

Steps to configure an SMS service in C4C

1. Create a Mashup web service.


In SilverLight, Go to Administrator -> Mashup Web services

To create a mashup service follow the following steps:

a.) Click on New -> REST Service



b.) Fill the following fields as:

Service Name (Mandatory) – The SMS service name which you want to use.

Service Description – A short description of the service.

Authentication Method (Mandatory) – As suggested by the SMS service provider.

Name and Password

Service Protocol (Mandatory) – XML

HTTP Method (Mandatory) – POST

Content-Type (Mandatory) – XML Body

URL – The SMS service provider’s URL

Body – The XML body format as specified by the service provider.

For example – Body where the SMS service provider is SAP Mobile Platform (SMP)



Note: Parameters (Subject etc.) should be as provided by the service provider

! Caution: Placeholders - [#SUBJECT], [#PHONE_NUMMBERS], [#MESSAGE] and [#SHORTCODE]  should not be manipulated

c.) Click Save and Close.



A Service ID is generated. For the above example, it is CW00006.

This service ID is used in Messaging Configuration.

Note: Please check your rest service in any rest client ( eg postman in chrome ), mocking the above

settings in the mashup


Testing the mashup in the REST client(For eg: Postman):

  • In case of XML Body, select 'raw' body type and text/XML format in the postman.

  • In case of JSON body, select the body type as 'form-data' and add the parameters as a key-value pair.

Note: In place of the placeholders(#MESSAGE, #PHONE_NUMBERS) use the actual values of the message and phone number.

Note: The phone number should be provided with the country code extension(+91..) and the SMS retrieves the data from the master data(Customer, Contact, Individual customer)


2. Setting up of Messaging Configuration:

Go to Administrator -> Sales and Marketing setting.

a. Click on Messaging under Marketing column



b. Click on New.

c. Fill in the description field, and check the active field.

d. Fill in the mashup id generated in the previous step.



e. Click on 'Save and Close'.