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Product and Topic Expert

With the introduction of  the utility extension to C4C, SAP enabled the C4C solution to be used as the Sales and Call Center solution running on top of IS-U. This is not a replacement of the CRM OP for Utilities, but should be considered an alternative.

The purpose of this blog are 2 things:

  1. Provide a 5 minute overview of the utility solution

  2. Contains links to further information about the solution


I guess there is 2 major groups of people interested in this solution, one is Hybris consultants interested in the utility content and the others are the resources that has histrorically implemented IS-U and CRM OP for Utilities. The target group here is for the last group - those who already understand IS-U and to some extend the utility industry.


C4C@Utilities is supporting both the call center processes as well as the sales process, and as such is applicable for both regulated and deregulated utilities. In order for this to be short, I will cover the most often asked questions:

  • What utility processes are supported

  • How is the integration

  • What objects are replicated between the systems

Processes supported

As of 1608 the following processes are supported:


Except for 'Service Tickets' - all processes are specifically designed to support utilities.


As for the standard C4C integration, the connection between IS-U (ERP) and C4C is done via PI or HCI. So in a simple diagram it looks like this:

Data Objects Replicated

The replication for the utility specific objects is only from IS-U to C4C and the objects replicated are:

  • Contract Account, only required for sales scenario otherwise optional

  • Connection Object

  • Premise

  • Point of Delivery (POD), only required for sales scenario otherwise optional

Business Partner is also replicated, but this is part of the standard C4C to ERP integration, and here there is the option of a 2 way replication. 

More Detailed Information



 Data Replication 


Extending the functionality in C4C