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Resource Scheduler UI

The Resource Scheduling UI in SAP Hybris Cloud for Service has improved a lot in the last few releases. The screen layout has been optimized to provide more space to show the desired information and more flexibility/features are provided to aid in planning.

The demand list appears on the left and the Gantt chart is shown on the right side. With this, a longer list of demands and resources can be seen at once as compared to the previous layout (the number of entries in the list depends on the screen resolution).

Below the planning board a Details section is available to show demand and assignments details based on the selected demand or assignment. A lot of fields are shown, such as the ticket ID, status, account, contact, start/end dates, address etc. and many of them are navigation enabled to provide easy navigation to other objects.

Various Search queries and parameters are available to search and filter the list of demands.

Gantt Chart Features

Different time frame views are available on the Gantt chart to show relevant data – day, week/work week, month view. Planning is generally done in the Day view. Month view is a display only view.

User can use the ‘Settings’ available on top of the Gantt chart to set a default timeframe view (day/week/month). Via the settings, the dispatcher can also choose a time zone in which the Gantt chart should be shown.

To show the availability of the resources, working hours are maintained for the Employees. Non-working hours are indicated as blocked (greyed out) in the Gantt chart. In addition to this, the duration for any regular Appointments is also shown as blocked in the Gantt chart.

Assignments in the Gantt chart can be shown in different colors based on the status. It is also possible to set a border color for the assignment based on ticket type. This visualization helps the dispatcher in judging the status and type of assignment at a glance.

Edit Assignments

After dropping a demand on the Gantt chart, there may be a need to change it. It is possible to edit an assignment by shifting it or changing the assignment length in the Gantt chart. New planning time is shown on the Gantt chart while moving. Whether an assignment can be moved/its duration can be changed or not depends on the ‘Fixed’ flag.

The Edit Assignment action provides the capability to change the Fixed flag.

If assignments created via Appointment Offering are edited, they are treated as regular assignments from then on.

Stay tuned for more enhancements coming on the way!