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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Your Product Team for SAP Customer Data Solutions are diligently working to add and improve product features based on feedback from our customers.  This blog highlights some of the exciting, recently released features as of January 2023.

New Features for SAP CIAM B2C, B2B and SAP Customer Consent (SAP Customer Data Cloud)

Business Capability




Customer Identity Management for B2C Federation CNAME as Issuer in OIDC CNAME mapping allows customers to be fully compliant with the OpenID connect specification for OIDC endpoints. This new capability allows customers to use the CNAME to build the issuer that will be used in the OIDC endpoint. This allows for an automatic build of the endpoints by using the OIDC’s well-known configuration endpoint. For more information, see OpenID Connect OP Setup.
Customer Identity Management for B2C Federation OIDC - 'azp' claim added to Access and ID Tokens

The optional "azp" (authorized party) claim will now be included inside both id tokens and access tokens returned from an SAP Customer Data Cloud OP. The "azp" claim allows customers that are using multiple audiences to perform the required validation on their server when transferring tokens to be used by another resource server that is different than the one that requested it. For more information, see the OpenID Connect Core documentation.

Additionally, id Tokens will now return the aud claim as an array if there are multiple audiences defined (as access tokens do already).
Customer Identity Management for B2C Federation OIDC - ID Token Claims Added You can now choose for an RP to receive all id tokens from the OP including all the claims that were defined from the authorize endpoint (until now, only the sub claim was part of any non-implicit id token). Now, when running hybrid flows you can reduce the number of calls needed to the platform and can make your implementation more efficient. For more information, see Configuring an RP of the OpenID Connect OP Setup documentation.
Customer Identity Management for B2C Federation OIDC Access Tokens are now available in JWT format The new JWT format access tokens allow your server to read the token without the need to call the introspect endpoint to determine their status. This new token type allows your implementation to skip additional calls to our platform and makes the service more efficient. For more information, see Configuring an RP of the OpenID Connect OP Setup documentation.
Customer Identity Management for B2C Platform Error Codes Added to Response Headers All REST API requests will now include the Customer Data Cloud errorCode within the response header. This makes it easier to integrate 3rd party proxy servers into your application. For additional information see the Viewing the Error Codes and Messages section of the Response Codes and Errors documentation.
Customer Identity Management for B2C GConnectors Drupal 8 GConnector Version 9.x-1.6.0 Released Changelog:

  • Updated: Moved dynamic session cookie extension logic to the backend, to reduce the number of server requests.

  • Updated: From now on, tags will be valid version numbers, and will be directly accessible through Packagist.

For additional information or to download, see it on Github.
Customer Identity Management for B2C ECPM Linkage between Consent Statements and Subscriptions

Now you can create linkage between a consent statement and subscriptions communications. This allows you to automatically sync a withdrawal made for a specific consent statement with the linked subscriptions, and trigger opt-out from these subscriptions. See Linking Consent To Specific Subscriptions on page Creating and Managing Consent Statements.

Specifically for the customers of the Emarsys system, this allows Emarsys to automatically send a withdrawal event that will trigger opt-out from the relevant subscriptions.
Customer Identity Management for B2C APIs and SDKs FIDO Mobile Authentication for Hybrid Mobile Development Platforms We have added FIDO passwordless authentication support to our Flutter and React Native plugins to support allowing a user to login without having to enter their password. For additional information see Supported Plugins.
Customer Identity Management for B2C Platform View Child Site Blocked Logins from Parent. There is a new dashboard in the Security Dashboards section of the SAP Customer Data Cloud console that allows you to view and compare the failed/blocked logins for your child sites from a single location inside the Parent site. For additional information see Security Dashboard
Customer Identity Management for B2B APIs and SDKs Added notification options for the inviteMember endpoint. The accounts.b2b.inviteMember endpoint now allows you to send an email or SMS notification to the invited member.
Customer Identity Management for B2B APIs and SDKs Added Organization Requests to the getOrganizationInfo results. The accounts.b2b.getOrganizationInfo method now allows you to also retrieve information for Organization Requests.
Customer Identity Management for B2B APIs and SDKs Added the getPolicies endpoint. We have added a new endpoint, accounts.b2b.auth.getPolicies to retrieve policy names using a roleID.
Customer Identity Management for B2C IdentitySync New format version for file.format.dsv file component A new dsv format version was introduced to the file.format.dsv file component of IdentitySync. This version is more aligned to the formal csv formatting standards, and we recommend switching to it. The previous version continues to be available for legacy reasons. See on page Component Repository.
Customer Identity Management for B2C ECPM Global Access enabled for Communication Topics

Customers can now define communication topics also for Global Access sites.

Global Access provides users a consistent user experience regardless of physical location, every time they interact with your brand.

With Global Access, when a user travels to different parts of the world and logs in to the localized sites, they log into their existing account and continue their relationship with the brand.

To learn about more new features, visit the What's New pages for SAP Customer Data Cloud. Please also bookmark this page to stay alert on breaking product changes which may require your action.


New Features for SAP Customer Data Platform (CDP)




Customer Schema Update Object Array The Object Array mechanism was further enhanced so we can now extract more valuable information from an object. For more information, see Adding Object Nodes.
Customer Schema Mapping of Object Array You can now identify your primary object value, and make sure that all identity resolutions are done based on your identification. This will improve the ability to update profiles based on events ingested into the CDP with complex data structure. For more information, see Profile Entity.
Audience Purposes in Audience When you create an audience, you no longer have to select processing purposes; however, you can do so in the exploration phase. For more information, see Creating an Audience with Groups and Creating an Audience with Customer Profiles.
Audience Audience Exploration We have a new capability called Audience Exploration which allows you to drill down, pinpoint the relevant profiles, and use visual elements to create the most accurate audience. Using Audience Exploration, you can now calculate activities in real-time. For more information, see Audience Exploration.
Sources and Destinations Matching Rules- Multiple Attributes When you ingest an event, you can now merge or create a profile or group identifier based on a combination of attributes, such as first name, last name, and address. As a result, the profile or group will be updated if there is a match between the attributes. In addition, you can view the identifiers inside the customer profile card. For more information, see Matching Rules, and Mapping Events to Matching Rules.
Sources and Destinations New ZoomInfo Connector Available The integration with ZoomInfo enables you to enrich SAP Customer Data Platform group data. It allows you to query ZoomInfo records for a specific organization that exists in your CDP environment and ingest ZoomInfo data related to that organization into CDP. For more information, see ZoomInfo.
Sources and Destinations Qualtrics Application Source Event Model The new updates to the Qualtrics Application Source Event model provides the ability to perform the following:

  • Automatically sync the Qualtrics Survey model when created by the implementation consultant

  • Automatically update when instigated by the implementation consultant the Event Model with the Qualtrics Survey Changes

Sources and Destinations Create new Event in REST Application A new button has been added to the Source Application screen to create additional events in a REST application. It is possible to create events only from predefined events that are defined in the applications connector.
Sources and Destinations Duplicate Event Listener In addition to duplicating an existing scheduled event, it is now possible to duplicate an event listener.
Sources and Destinations Reset Listener Credentials A new button has been added to the listener screen that allows you to reset the credentials of the event listener.
Sources and Destinations View Status for Source Application event now directs you to Monitoring When you view the ingestion status for source application events from inside the connector application, you are now directed to Monitoring. For more information, see Event Status.
Sources and Destinations Exposure of UCP ID in Action Mapping You can now use the CDP UCP customer ID (_id) as a Unified Unique ID across all your systems to join data sets you could previously not join. For more information see Mapping Actions.

To learn about more new features for SAP Customer Data Platform, visit the What's New pages for SAP Customer Data Platform.

Thank you!

Your SAP Customer Data Solutions Product Team