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Dear community members,

Setting up the SAP Retail Omnichannel Commerce landscape with all its components, integration and scenarios is no color by numbers and can take years to transform. And it can’t be a quick exercise, as it has to consider flexibility, step-by-step approaches, and most of all: business specifics.

But how about setting up a prototype, a pilot, or a solid baseline in an accelerated fashion? Meaning: in a few days!

Please welcome the “Omnichannel Model Company”:

The Omnichannel Model Company is a sample for a technically solid implementation of Retail Omnichannel Commerce core processes. Built by the brightest SAP Retail experts in SAP Retail's service organization the Model Company provides a solid baseline configuration of major parts of our SAP Retail Omnichannel Reference architecture:

Fig.1: SAP Retail Omnichannel Commerce Reference Architecture and content of the Omnichannel Model Company (as of January 2017)

The Omnichannel Model Company offers proven component and scenario integration that reduces trial & error when assembling the components and scenarios:

Fig.2: Scope of the Omnichannel Model Company, January 2017

In addition the Omnichannel Model Company offers documentation and WYSIWYG transparency to avoid misunderstandings and unproductive discussions.

The Omnichannel Model Company is built for SAP Retail Customers (not partners!) and comes as a SAP Hana DB file copy, containing the key parts of the Retail Omnichannel reference architecture, a ISO file copy of SAP Hybris Commerce, and a technical installation guide:

Fig.3: Deployment Options of the Omnichannel Model Company.

The Omnichannel Model Company is typically deployed to an AWS Amazon WebServices Cloud instance, but can alternatively be deployed to the HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC), or to an on-premise customer landscape (product licenses apply).

Along with the pre-configured solution, a Solution Manager content is provided containing

  • Process Hierarchy

  • Process Flow Charts

  • Customizing Description

  • Click-Through Guide

The Omnichannel Model Company comes with a standard basic enablement service comprising:

  • CAL & Cloud SetUp Support

  • Handover Workshop & Presentation

  • Configuration Workshop & Technical Training

In addition to that, an extended Transition Guidance Service can be ordered:

  • Strategy Alignment

  • A series of HighLevel Fit Gap Workshops covering the individual modules and their connections

  • Identification of target architecture and rough transition planning

  • Management Hand-Over WS for FitGap- and Scoping results with proposals and recommendations for follow-on phases

Releases of the Omnichannel Model Company as of Dec 2016:

  • SAP ERP Retail 6.0 EHP8 SP2 with S4/HANA Finance 1605 (SFin 3.0)

    • based on Grocery Starter Pack for ERP-Backend processes

  • SAP CAR 2.0 AB 1.0 FP03

    • incl. RDS for SAP CAR

  • SAP Hybris Marketing 1.2 FP02 (1605)

  • SAP Hybris Commerce Suite 6.1

  • SAP Business Objects Cloud

Innovation goes on, and so will the Omnichannel Model Company continuously evolve, to become a platform for real best practice, ensuring end-to-end process quality for new solution components and processes to come.
For details and prices please contact


Dr. Ingo Woesner
Global Director
Industry Product Management Retail - Omnichannel

Follow me on ingo.woesner/content and LinkedIn
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