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In the business-to-business (B2B) world, offering a smart and frictionless e-commerce experience is no longer an option. When it comes to meeting buyers’ expectations, the bar has never been higher.

As expectations continue to rise, the importance of digital channels for B2B companies has grown significantly, increasing rapidly during the time of COVID-19. As such, more B2B companies are investing heavily in the customer experience to simplify the customer journey and remove points of friction.

One of the key elements of an optimal customer experience is ease of use. Customers expect an intuitive and straightforward shopping experience and one that’s simple to complete. This means making it easy for customers to find the products and services they are looking for while reducing the number of steps it takes to finalize an order, even if it’s a complex, multifaceted product or service.

Underlying ease of use, there must be a nuanced pricing strategy that is consistent and unique to customers across all channels. For leading B2B companies, this comes to life as a personalized omnichannel buying experience with dynamically generated pricing mirroring deals made between customers and sales representatives.Perfecting the customer experience to deliver more value

On a journey to digitalize its operations, Maryland-based TESSCO Technologies Incorporated (Tessco), a value-added distributor of wireless communications products, embarked upon a greenfield implementation of SAP S/4HANA. Taking the opportunity to overhaul its e-commerce storefront at the same time, the business sought help from the SAP Innovative Business Solutions organization to move to a new solution in the cloud.

As a distributor, Tessco serves a wide variety of customers and supports accounts with unique pricing conditions negotiated through sales its reps. To deliver a true omnichannel experience to customers, Tessco needed an e-commerce solution that allowed it to reflect these individual pricing deals across all customer touch points. To make this work, Tessco sought a solution that offered native integration with Intelligent ERP to draw on consistent product information and generate dynamic pricing.

Meeting these needs, Tessco adopted the SAP Commerce Cloud solution, leveraging SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite to connect the technology to the Intelligent ERP. Tight integration of SAP S/4HANA and SAP Commerce Cloud allows the organization to unite data. This heightens the purchasing experience for customers with product information for more than 65,000 stock-keeping units embedded in the e-commerce experience.

Whether customers interact with the organization through sales reps or using the Web site – the experience is the same. Customers placing orders through multiple channels can view them all through the site. And pricing is consistent, with new quoting functionality allowing customers to generate quotes on the Web site based on prenegotiated rates.

Together with consistent pricing, Tessco is able to offer an end-to end experience with self-serve value-added customizations. This allows the business to ease customer transactions on variant configuration products ­from its Web site. So, for coax cable, which is cut to length based on customer needs, or antennas, which are tuned to frequency ranges requested by the customer, purchasing these products to their exact specifications has never been easier.

With SAP solutions in place, Tessco is able to offer fluid omnichannel experiences befitting any leading business-to-business or business-to-consumer organization.

2021 SAP Innovation Awards

Tessco’s digital transformation and obsession with the customer experience are being recognized as part of the 2021 SAP Innovation Awards, which offers a showcase of SAP customers’ innovative thinking and successes. View Tessco’s nomination in this year’s awards to discover how the value-added distributor is able to offer an end-to-end purchasing experience for its complex telecommunications products.