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***SAP Marketing Cloud Software Development Kit (SDK) is deprecated. It has been replaced by Rapid Application Development by Mendix. For more information, see Create Your Own Apps: Rapid Application Development by Mendix.***

SAP Marketing Cloud Software Development Kit (SDK) aims at expanding our partner and developer ecosystem by providing a development toolkit, that leverages the capabilities of SAP Marketing Cloud. The SDK allows developers to seamlessly integrate their solution with SAP Marketing Cloud. The SDK reduces your effort to develop an application extending SAP Marketing Cloud by providing all the necessary libraries and project templates to get going quickly. This saves you significant time and makes the application-development experience delightful.

You can access the SDK via the following resources:

SDK on Maven Central

SDK Javadoc

Technically, SAP Marketing Cloud SDK is an extension to SAP S/4HANA Cloud SDK. This helps you to leverage all the capabilities of SAP S/4HANA Cloud SDK, such as abstraction for SAP Cloud Platform, fault tolerance via Hystrix, cache management, and so on, to develop powerful, business logic driven application using SAP Marketing Cloud SDK. Also, with SAP Marketing Cloud SDK, we support additional technical features such as:

  • Containerising your application using Docker

  • Deploying your application to Kyma, our in-house cloud native platform

  • Exposing the application using Istio VirtualService Abstraction using Kyma's custom resource type "API"

SAP Marketing Cloud SDK uses open source Kyma as the platform of deployment. Kyma uniquely offers a new age extension platform that you can securely use to connect to all your SAP C4HANA solutions like SAP Marketing Cloud, SAP Commerce Cloud, and so on. Hence, with SAP Marketing Cloud SDK, you can create an application and leverage these connections achieved via Application Connector component of Kyma.

SAP Marketing Cloud SDK Features

  • SAP Marketing Cloud OData API as Virtual Data Models (VDMs)

  • Abstraction of Kyma's Application Connector to redirect API calls to SAP Marketing Cloud.

  • As the SAP Marketing Cloud SDK is an extension to the SAP S/4HANA Cloud SDK, you can use the S/4HANA SDK capabilities such as:

    • Abstraction for SAP Cloud Platform

    • Latency and fault tolerance

    • Caching management, and so on.


Getting Started with SAP Marketing Cloud SDK

Creating Batch Requests with SAP Marketing Cloud SDK

Consuming Service Metadata with SAP Marketing Cloud SDK

Deploy Java Application on Kyma using Kyma Maven Plugin
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