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Anybody can initiate real time communication with C4C user.  On one side its anybody with browser access and another side its C4C user.  Anybody could be customer, prospect, partner etc.

'Call Me' sample scenarios -

1. Omni-Channel - As an Agent, while I am interacting with customer through emails. I sense that I can be more effective with RTC. I trigger this with 'Call Me' feature.

2. Embedded in Portals - A a customer/partner, I can initiate RTC with C4C user. I can do so be click on 'Call Me" link.

3. More...

Here is how it works -

1. Open Genband RTC within C4C. Go to Options settings and copy the URL.

2. Share URL through email or embed this URL in the portal

3. Anybody with access to this URL can initiate RTC with C4C user.

See attached screen shots -

Copy 'Call Me' Link -

User opens the link in a browser -

User initiates phone, video communication -

C4C User Accepts RTC request -

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