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The Product Support Customer Experience (CX) Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee was established on September 8, 2022, with the mission to create a diverse and welcoming work environment for all colleagues.

Meet the PS CX DEI Committee Members


Our committee hosted a Cross-Generational Intelligence (CGI) Workshop on October 25, 2022. Bruce Li owned and conceptualised the workshop, which aimed to:

  • Discern between cross-generational stereotypes and realities

  • Gain insights into cross-generational differences and similarities

  • Promote an understanding to eliminate bias across generations

Since there are people from 5 different generations working at SAP, the sessions mostly focused on how people born in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s could work together more effectively.



We hosted two successful sessions: one for APJ time zone, hosted by Bruce and facilitated by Stacy, and one for AMER region, hosted by me and facilitated by Olga, with EMEA location having a choice of the two. The slides and mural were put together by Bruce, Carry and Olga prepared the Design Thinking coach involvement, Stacy prepared our facilitation and feedback surveys, while Victoria managed invite communications, registrations, and attendance.


The agenda included the meaning and necessity of CGI, a fun mural activity, quiz and group discussion on myths and facts about how colleagues perceive each generation, a Deep Dive session on best practices where attendees went into breakout rooms with a Design Thinking (DT) coach, and finally we shared links to various resources and ran some polls for feedback.


Highlights included running a video where most participants assumed the new intern was born after 1979, proving that we can all be prone to unconscious bias. For both sessions we came away with 100% participants understanding the necessity of Cross-Generational Intelligence by the end of the session.


The feedback's favourite parts included the Deep Dive session, slides, Mural activity and the brainstorming for a final group statement.

Workshop Resources

Average improvement pre- and post- workshop

We were honoured to be joined by a team of Design Thinking Coaches:

Thanks also to the CX Comms Champions Team and finally, thanks to the CX DEI Committee Group for making it happen and all the participants for signing up and providing invaluable feedback.

APJ/EMEA session:

EMEA/AMER Session:

The workshop was delivered with a very strong execution and very productive collaboration from several perspectives.

Testimonial from one of our participants:

“This seminar was completely revolutionary for me! I was able to connect with individuals from across generations to see how their views and experiences have shaped them.

By opening my mind and staying receptive to other people’s norms, values and ideals, I was able to gain new perspectives on issues and confront challenges from different angles.

We have a truly unique and wonderful employee-base that actively collaborate and work in tandem, workshops like this continue to enable helping one another be the best versions of ourselves we can be.

We need more events like this!!!”

– Remi Cullen, Senior Solutions Support Engineer of PS CX Customer Data Solutions

If you are interested in joining the PS CX DEI Committee, or attending a future event, please email our PS CX DEI Committee