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The “window of influence” of sales people is narrowing, therefore they need rapid and real-time access to actionable insights, intelligent recommendations and collaboration tools that run on any device, anywhere anytime.

In this blog I would like to share how Deal Finder can help a sales person ATTRACT the right customers. And Pipeline Influencer can help sales person to ASSEMBLE a winning team.

Based on our user research studies with sales reps from different industries, the most commonly identified pain points included:

  1. Not being able to identify which customers to focus on
  2. Not knowing how to build a better relationship and trust with them, and to do so how to unlock the network of their company/enterprise.

In attempt to solve these two problems we created

Deal finder: Sales reps are often inundated with hundreds or even thousands of leads, which makes picking the productive leads challenging, if not impossible. With Deal Finder, sales rep can have their own personal deal assistant that identifies the hot leads that are ready to work on and have the highest probability of closing.

  1. SAP Infinite Insight helps Deal Finder learn which leads converted to opportunity in the past, and predict the best leads. Helping Sales Person to attract best customers. We have an out of box integration with SAP Infinite insight for predictive lead scoring.
  2. If there are not enough leads being generated by your Marketing, you can also consider integration with Avention that helps auto populate thousands of Accounts & Leads on daily basis based on triggers like news, company updates and industry trends. You can configure Avention to only send leads based on type of accounts you want to go after. These leads come in with full account information, so user need not enter any information like account name, address, e-mail, initial contact information and direct dial in numbers etc.
  3. As a Key user you can simply define queries using either any Lead field like Campaign Name, fields from avention like Triggers type etc. Name of these Queries are Hot Topics. Sales person can pick topics on individual interest and focus area, to attract customers they like
  4. Lead Scoring with SAP Infinite Insight: To score leads, SAP Infinite Insight (Formerly KXEN) first create a predictive model – based on all the historical leads and whether they successfully converted into opportunities. Historical lead data is fed to SAP Infinite Insight.  SAP Infinite Insight looks at all the attributes of the lead including custom fields and identifies which attributes are most correlated to successful conversions. The output of KXEN is a predictive model with weightings for each attribute. This model is then applied to every new lead to predict whether it will result in a successful conversion.

   From Home page sales person can access Deal Finder.

    The Hot Topics are queries defined by Key user, end user can select these topics to filter leads, or simply view all leads

   The filtered leads are shown ranked based on predictive score.

    User can drill down a specific Lead to see an overview of Lead

   And then decide to convert it to Opportunity, and enter an expected value based on past experience.

Sales reps can identify which leads are worth spending time on by:

  • Scoring leads based on chance of converting to opportunity
  • Matching which leads are of interest to each individual sales rep e.g. based on that sales rep’s territory, product expertise, etc.

Pipeline Influencers & Top Influencers: Helps sales person find top deal influencer and connect with them or get them into the sales team. This will help them get a warm introduction and become a trusted advisers to decision maker.

    1. How does it work? E-mails are unique. We look at all people involved in involved party of appointments, visits, e-mails, leads, opportunities and match them based on unique e-mail address of contact & employee. This helps us analyze networks of people and interactions. We then apply a Weighted scoring algorithm (leveraging HANA Predictive Analysis Library) to various score components to determine an influence score, including manual input from end user.

    After this feature has been enabled in your instance by Key user, you will be able to access Pipeline Influencers on Home Page.

   When you open Pipeline Influencers you can see opportunities in your pipeline closing in next 3 months, the Blue ones have been added to your forecast, the grey ones are still not added to your forecast

   You can tap/click on any of these bubbles to open Opportunity detail view, please note you can open opportunity detail view from Opportunity list as well.

   By clicking on  spiral icon in the contact user can launch Top influencers for that contact

You can find all employees and contact who have engaged with Michael Jones.

For example, In this case, Timmy Hardy has been identified as a key influencer for our target contact Michael Jones.

To calculate the influencer score, we look at all the deals that Timmy has been involved in with Michael, and calculated a weighted score.

In this case, we see that Timmy has been involved with 7 deals where we won, 2 deals where we lost, and 3 deal which is still in process, and 10 activities like e-mails which are synced with SAP Hybris Cloud for customer.

We then calculate the weighted score which is 37.  This score is higher than all the other potential influencers of Michael, so we will ask Timmy for help with this particular opportunity.

If the user does not agree with it, they can easily change the sequence and provide their valuable user input.

This predictive app, has a simple user interface which clearly indicates who are the top influencers, and helps sales person unlock network within organization to build a trusted relationship and engage better with their customers.

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