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Two of the most common question from users where they are dealing with Partner Determination issues are “Why are the partner not been re-determined after I changed other partner in the document?” and “Why is partner re-determination not available for all the kind of transaction types?”.

For the first one, it is very important to clarify that users are able to change partners as many times as they want and, of course, if this partner function has been set to allow changes through the partner determination procedure. However, it doesn’t mean that all the other partners will be re-determined in the document.

Partner Re-determination is a process that will be automatically triggered for specific transaction types (here you will find the answer to the second most common question I’ve heard), and for other you can use “Propose Alternatives” button. If you want to learn more about  the pre-requisites and settings needed for partner re-determination, please click here.

In the next coming weeks, I will be posting more challenges on this process and how overcome them.