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Here is a list of documents and videos which helps you to get an overview on what's possible
with SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud segmentation, campaign management and execution:

  1. Why is SAP Hybris Marketing the best end-to-end marketing suite?

  2. What's new in release 1705 for campaign managment?

  3. What has been delivered in releases <=1702 for campaign management?

  4. Where can I find more videos and demos for campaign management?

  5. FAQ - for Campaign Management, execution and segmentation

  6. What does Hybris Marketing offer for permission marketing and GDPR compliance?

  7. Where can I get an overview on segmentation and target groups?

  8. How can I use trigger-based marketing e.g. for abandonded shopping carts?

  9. How to design and send e-mail and SMS content?

  10. Where can I find a responsive sample mail template?

  11. How to track campaign interactions and how to link web analytics?

  12. How to do A/B testing of e-mails?

  13. How to do Facebook or paid search campaigns?

  14. How to analyze campaign success?

  15. Best practice for modeling HANA views in segmentation

  16. How to setup SAP Mobile Services as mail provider?

  17. How To Connect Your Own Email Service Provider to SAP Hybris Marketing

  18. Where do I find documentation?

  19. What is a contact golden record and how can I use it for managing contact data?

Predict best action or channel in marketing automation

Country specific permission marketing with self-service landing pages

Trigger-based marketing for abandon shopping cart or purchase interactions

Demo: Channel affinity and best sending time segmentation

Permission Marketing with dynamic suppression rules