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Recently we announced C4C certification.   The details are in this blog.   I just took my first test, the C4C50.   I will take the C4C10 in another month or so - I still need to study!

Here is my experience.  I hope it helps you prepare.

  • When you sign up, all times are UTC.  I signed up for 1 PM, went to take the test, and it said I was a no-show.  Well, I assumed 1 PM Texas time but it was 1 PM UTC time.  Fortunately I was not penalized for this mistake.   I just got a new appointment and ensured I entered it in UTC time.

  • Before taking the test,  they recommend you conduct a system test.  This includes downloading some software and launching a mock test. For me, the download of the software worked fine, but the launch of the mock test resulted in an error and then locked up my machine.   I tried several times. Even though this failed, I could still launch the test.

  • At your appointment time, you go to "Exam Appointments" and select "Start".  Then the proctor comes.  There is a chat window and he ensures he can hear you while you take the test.  He provides various rules, you must show a photo ID in the web cam.  You also must take your laptop and move it around the room so the proctor can see all your surroundings.  This includes the floor and behind your knees so they can ensure you aren't cheating in any way.    All of this takes a few minutes, then you get the OK to start.

  • When working on the test, I was reading the questions to myself, I guess kind of lip-syncing them.  He told me that is reading aloud and I cannot do that.  So, you must read the questions in your head, no thinking out loud or moving your lips :smile:

  • The proctor is there the entire time, watching you.  I moved the window around when it interfered with reading a test question.

  • On the test itself, you can mark questions you are unsure of to review later.  You can also change the font size and the contrast.

  • Once I got going, it wasn't so bad.  I was a little uncomfortable with the proctor there, but understand why it is needed.

In regards to the C4C50 test, I passed!   (OK, so maybe I was involved some in the authoring of the test, but some of the questions were still a little tough!)

All of the questions come from the C4C50 course material.  If you've taken the course, study the material and review the new features, since as we update the class we also add new topics covered in the class to the test.   We will also offer delta tests so you can take the core test once and then just take delta tests to keep your certification updated.  The core test is 80 questions, the delta tests are 40 questions.

Good luck!!  The C4C10 will be harder for me - but you get 3 times to pass it!  The C4C30 test...hmm...maybe sometime next year!