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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Keeping an ongoing conversation with your customer base and delivering consistent marketing messaging can be tricky. Constructing the right mix of media is a critical component of any marketing campaign – and that’s where the SAP Virtual Agency partner campaign creator can help.

SAP Virtual Agency is a free online demand-management platform designed with partners in mind – created to help you plan and execute your marketing activities. The platform can assist you with reaching your customers and prospects in faster and more innovative ways. Built with an easy-to-use interface, SAP Virtual Agency gives you a 360-view of your marketing efforts and allows you to easily implement professionally crafted marketing campaigns.

Over a series of blogs, our team will provide you with tips, tricks and success stories you can use to take your marketing activities to the next level. To kick it off, we’d like to give you a complete view of what the platform has to offer.

With self-service marketing functionality, SAP Virtual Agency allows you to:

  • Create, manage and execute high-impact demand generation campaigns quickly and efficiently to promote SAP solutions

  • Manage and promote live or virtual events from registration to reporting, including ready-to-present campaigns that provided needed structure

  • Generate a comprehensive marketing plan directly within the platform with the SAP Virtual Agency Marketing Planner

  • Access the SAP Virtual Agency resource center to search for and download resources independent of the campaigns, such as brochures, copy blocks, customer success stories, demo videos, e-books and more

  • Work with the SAP Virtual Agency web page syndication tool to build SAP solution web pages that can be syndicated within your company’s website

To help you leverage all that the platform has to offer, the SAP Virtual Agency knowledge center provides access to marketing enablement resources, tools and services. Materials such as videos, e-books, and webinars provide you with information on new marketing tactics and trends so you know how to use the platform and can create demand more efficiently.

It’s time to start rethinking the way we deliver marketing content. With the era of Intelligent Enterprise running full steam ahead, it’s imperative that we refine our approach to digital marketing. Get started with SAP Virtual Agency today.

Keep an eye out for upcoming blogs in this series, which will highlight tips, tricks, success stories and platform features for SAP Virtual Agency.