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Hello Guys,

The other day I received some questions regarding what can be made mandatory and what cannot in the C4C system.
Based on this questions I thought that a blog post would be good to clarify things.

Important thing to remember when trying to make fields mandatory is that not all fields are can be made mandatory.

One example is:

When adding a Product to an Opportunity, on the QV (Quick View) you have the Product Category field, however, you will not be able to make it mandatory. This happens because on Quick Views, you are not creating any data, you are just adding existing data to another screen. Assuming that you know what you are adding, you do not need any mandatory fields on this part of the system.

Another thing is, only fields that you can "fill" are available to make mandatory. For example: on Customers Workcenter, inside an Account you have the Contact tab, there you have some Columns that filter the Contacts list and those cannot be made mandatory as well. However, you can make that specfic field mandatory on the Contact QC and it would achieve the same resutls.

So, in summary:

- Only fields that you can fill can be made mandatory;

- But even then, they might not in case they are in QV's (Quick Views).

I hope you guys enjoy it.

Please provide your feedback! :grin:

Thank you and best regards,

Felipe Fraga

Support Consultant

SAP Cloud Product Support