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Hello Everyone,

Very often i hear the question in our partner events, ticketing systems, support inbox, and community  about integration with SAP BusinessOne and more specially partners looking for a list of supported integration scenarios with SAP BusinessOne. So I am writing here a blog post providing you exactly this information.

Some general thoughts about integration .
SAP Customer Checkout is an independent product. SAP Customer Checkout is integrated to SAP Customer Checkout manager, SAP BusinessOne, SAP ByDesign, SAP Retail, and SAP Event Ticketing.
SAP Customer Checkout has its own calculation engine . It is not the same calculation engine used in any of the product to which it is integrated. And it is not an add-on/PlugIn of SAP BusinessOne, SAP ByDesign, SAP Retail or any other SAP product. Hence the price findings and calculations between these integrated systems and SAP Customer Checkout might not match exactly one to one. There probably exists cases where there will be differences between calculations of these systems.

Also when we send the receipt back to these ERP systems, the receipts might be treated differently by these integrated systems. Some systems recalculates(for example SAP BusinessOne) while others like accepts all values like we send it(example SAP ByDesign) and do not re-calculate, while some system might offer multiple possibilities.

For example: For SAP BusinessOne if the receipt is re-calculated by SAP BusinessOne, this can mean that sales item amount or in the tax amount there might be small differences. However the total amount of the transaction remains the same between SAP Customer Checkout and SAP BusinessOne.

Though it is hard to make any general statement, based on my experience and testing of different integrations, I see that based on net/gross amount, absolute or percentage discount, quantity, number of decimal places and other factors  a difference of 0,01 cent per sales item quantity is possible/seen/experienced. This can happen in price calculation differences  and/or in receipt posting. Again this is just my personal observation and not something I can prove in a consistent way.

Interaction between SAP Customer Checkout and SAP BusinessOne
The following blog explains you the interaction between SAP Customer Checkout and SAP BusinessOne

  1. From SAP BusinessOne to SAP Customer Checkout, you can synchronize and store in SAP Customer Checkout the following information’s

  • Business Partner(relevant fields)

  • Article (relevant fields)

  • Standard Price List (Net Price List, Gross Price List, and Price for Unit of Measure of Articles). Only price in 1 currency is fetched and stored.

  • Period and Volume Discount on standard Price List (Period Discount, Volume Discount)

  • Special Price for Business Partner (Period Discount, Volume Discount)

  • Discount Group.

The below information is fetched


All BP Customer group Specific BP
Item Group Discount  Yes  Yes Yes
Free Yes Yes Yes
Item Discount Yes Yes Yes
Free Yes Yes


Specific manufacturer Discount  Yes  Yes Yes
Free Yes Yes Yes


The below information is NOT fetched


All BP Customer group Specific BP
Item Properties No No No


2.The following documents can be fetched when online from SAP BusinessOne to SAP Customer Checkout to Pay

  • AR Invoice or AR Reserve Invoice

  • Payment for down payment

  • Paid down payment

  • Payment on account

  • Credit Note

3. The following documents can be fetched when online from SAP BusinessOne to SAP Customer Checkout to Create Receipt in SAP Customer Checkout

  • Sales Order

  • Sales Quotation

  • Existing AR Invoice or AR Reserve Invoice without Payment information to create Returns (without reference to original AR Invoice or AR Reserve Invoice)


Note!! There are several limitations like already assigned Serial and Batch numbers are removed, same document can not be fetched multiple times,

Sales BoM with child items needing batch and Serial numbers and more limitations when fetching sales order and Sales quotation. Kindly verify your customers use cases before using in Productive mode.


4. The following documents can be created from SAP Customer Checkout to SAP BusinessOne

  • AR Invoice + Incoming/Out-going Payment

  • AR Reservice Invoice + Incoming/Out-going Payment

  • AR Reservice Invoice + Delivery + Incoming/Out-going Payment

  • Credit Memo/Note + Incoming/Out-going Payment

  • The first 4 combination mentioned above with reference to a sales order or Sales Quotation.

  • Incoming Payment

  • Out-going Payment

Note!!  Creation of only delivery for an existing AR Reserve Invoice is not supported.


5.The following information can be fetched when online from SAP BusinessOne to SAP customer Checkout

  • Batch and Serial numbers for an Article + Warehouse combination

  • Stock information for a material and Warehouse List maintained in SAP Customer Checkout configuration.

6. SAP Customer Checkout supports integration to SAP BusinessOne with Multi-brach. Read this blog for more details.

So in this blog you have learnt about the various integration scenarios that SAP Customer Checkout offers with SAP BusinessOne. Ofcourse partners should test the specific customer scenarios and use-cases before going into productive mode.

I would highly recommend that you try out these scenarios on your own so that you get a firm understanding of SAP Customer Checkout with SAP BusinessOne.

About me: 
My name is Bikash Bansal. I work for SAP SE, Germany. My current role is of Product Owner for SAP Customer Checkout.
You can find more blogs from me about SAP Customer Checkout here .