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High Tech companies are under constant pressure to innovate faster while increasingly providing higher levels of customization, differentiation and value.

With future innovation and sales success tied so closely to the delivery of relevant and personalized customer experiences, High Tech companies must get closer to their customers and pay greater attention to the user experience. To meet, both innovation and sales objectives, High Tech companies must develop a holistic framework for managing customer intelligence, and Omni-Channel commerce while taking advantage of flexible solution delivery models.

Capturing and leveraging customer intelligence should be a continuous pursuit.  Customer intelligence should be leveraged throughout all parts of the organization while ensuring and protecting customer information. The intelligence needs to be visible and customer relevant at the point of transaction or engagement. By combining transactional, qualitative, and social data with analytics. High Tech companies can better understand opportunities for future innovation, engage with customers more personally, and become much more efficient and prescriptive around audience targeting and messaging.

Customers expect personalized relevant experiences regardless of where and how they engage. As such having a holistic picture of customer engagement and a sound strategy around Omni-channel commerce is very important. Providing customers with a unified intelligently connected experience helps High Tech companies solidify and grow customer relationships, and captures customer intelligence previously undetected due to previously disconnected fragmented user experiences. High Tech companies can make the customer user experience more relevant by offering their customers personal connected user experiences over multiple channels of engagement and commerce.

As more customers, and businesses convert over from consumption based purchase models to solution-focused and pay-for-use models, this has profound impacts on the way innovation needs to be developed, communicated  and delivered to the market. Moving from a product based sales model to a pay-for-use or solution-focused sales model impacts how solutions, are built, orders get configured and how revenue is captured and realized. To fully capitalize on these new emerging opportunities, you need to have operational and billing systems that accommodate and support a large degree of order configuration and business requirements flexibility.

On Mar 24th, executives, analyst, partners and customers, including SAP, hybris, Forrester, Accenture, EMC, and Cisco will further explore how the High Tech Industry is addressing some of these challenges. We will review some best practices and innovations High Tech companies are taking around Customer Engagement and Commerce while making their customers' user experience more personal and relevant. We invite you to come to Palo Alto on March 24th to learn more and to share your insights and observations.

Warmest regards,

Harry E. Blunt

Director, North America Marketing
SAP America, Inc.

3999 West Chester Pike 
Newtown Square, PA 19073
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