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Welcome to the blog posts of the SAP CX Services Marketing Practice.

We are happy to share our experience with you around Marketing Business, Technology and Analytics.

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As you have probably already seen with the new Release of SAP Marketing Cloud there is a bunch of new public APIs available.

You can find the full list on Some of the most important are listed below:

  • Contacts (OData API "API_MKT_CONTACT_SRV")

  • Interaction Contacts (OData API "API_MKT_INTERACTION_CONTACT")

  • Corporate Accounts (OData API "API_MKT_CORPORATE_ACCOUNT")

  • Interactions (OData API "API_MKT_INTERACTION_SRV")

Those APIs offer new features and functionalities like batch support and dedicated services for each business object.

In regards to the different Public APIs for SAP Marketing Cloud the Application help What's new section for 1711 recommends the following:
"As of this release, we strongly recommend that you use one of these APIs instead of using the OData service CUAN_IMPORT_SRV."

The statement clearly shows the importance for your projects to get familiar with those APIs.

In this blog post we will pick the new Contact API as an example to learn how to read and write contact data via the Postman Rest Client.


You want to see this and more blogs from us? Click here

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