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In this blog we will discuss how to troubleshoot high server times due to external web service executions.

There are couple of ways of doing the same. However, first please confirm if web services are the cause of slow performance. Please follow this blog to confirm the same. Below we use an example of external pricing.

Troubleshoot high web service time

First method: Get the payload from either PI or via Web Service monitor payload trace and run it using the test mode for service provider COD_SALESORDER_SIMULATE in SPROXY. This will be able let you to know how long the service actually takes in the provider business system. On top of this execution time we should not forget able the network latency especially if your business system is on premise and the pricing request in this case will from from the SAP Datacenter.

To get the payload please go to the Administrator work center (in HTML5) as shown in the instructions below:

  1. Go to WS Monitor tool


2. Start the A2X Trace. You should then see a message stating "A2X Payload Trace would be active for 30 minutes."



3. Run a pricing scenario or any scenario you want to test or troubleshoot




4. Come back to the WS monitor and check to see the corresponding message for the previous step


5. Now you will be able to get the payload to test your service


The second method to test pricing would be to "Set an external break-point" for the ERP communication user in function module COD_SALESORDER_SIMULATE (or the FM associated to the external service you are troubleshooting). Execute external pricing in C4C. The system will stop at the break-point. Now create an test data directory for the function module. This can be used to test the function module using the test mode in SE37. From this you can check the runtimes and find bottlenecks in the function module.


Video below walks through the steps for troubleshooting: