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Product and Topic Expert
openSAP Microlearning platform has been updated recently. The old video platform found a new home on openSAP and videos are organized differently on the new platform. What could be more interesting topic for my first blog post of the year than to help learners navigate to find their favourite videos.

I will show SAP Customer Data Cloud videos in this blog post, but the instructions holds equally true for other SAP products. The direct link for openSAP Microlearning is Here the videos are grouped by product areas. SAP Customer Data Cloud falls under SAP CX Solutions.

SAP Customer Data Cloud Videos on openSAP Microlearning

Things are quit straight forward so far. Once you are on the Customer Data page, you might need some assistance to navigate further. There are two tabs on the Customer Data page, Video Library and Videos by Role.

SAP Customer Data Cloud home page

The Videos by Role tab is selected by default. Videos are arranged here by roles. As the name suggests, Business End User channel is for end users videos and Expert channel is for technical videos for the learners like developers, consultants, architects, etc. Videos in these channels are grouped into playlists for a guided learning experience.

Note: You will not find all the Customer Data videos in these channels. The next section will show you how to access all the Customer Data videos.

Playlists in Role based Channels

If you are regular visitor and interested only in new the videos or if you are looking for a specific video, Video Library tab is for you. Click on the Video Library tab to access all Customer Data videos. Here the videos are sorted by the recent ones by default. You can further filter the videos and sort them to find your videos.

Video Library Tab

Hope this blog post helped you to navigate the new openSAP Microlearning platform to find your favourite videos. Videos for other solutions are also structured on similar lines, so these instructions are valid for other SAP solutions as well.


If you any comments or ideas on our videos, please feel free to share your comments.

Happy microlearning in 2021.