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My series of Cloud Application Studio Blogs

Recently one partner asked me about this question. Suppose I have a custom BO with one Date field "CloseDate", and one indicator field "IsOverDue".

There is an action "OverDueCheckMass" defined with the simple logic that if current date < Close Date, then I consider the order as Overdue and vice versa.

The source code of this action implementation:

import ABSL;
var current = Context.GetCurrentGlobalDateTime( );

foreach( var rootNode in this ){
var closeDate = rootNode.CloseDate.ConvertToGlobalDateTime();
rootNode.IsOverDue = current.LessThan(closeDate);

This action is marked as Mass-enabled.

Requirement is: in the table implemented by AdvancedListPane in UI Designer, if several rows are selected by Ctrl+Click ( Or Shift + Click ), once the button "Overdue check" is pressed, the action must be performed on those selected rows.

Take the below screenshot as example, the first and fourth row are selected, it is expected that after OverDue check is executed, IsOverDue indicator for the first row is determined as Yes.

Here below is details step how this requirement could be fulfilled.

1. Specify the List SelectOption property as "multiSelectWithLeadSelection".

Create a Data List in DataModel tab:

2. Create an event handler with type BOAction. For instance Binding attribute, bind it to the Data List created in previous step. Choose "multiple" as Action Type and bind this event handler to BO Action OverDueCheckMass.

By default when you create a new event handler, Action Type is always set as single by default. Don't worry, once you bind this action to the Instance Binding which points to a Data List in your Data Model and the BO action implementation is Mass-Enabled, once you click bind button, this Action Type will change into multiple automatically.

After these two steps are done, select the first and fourth row and press the OverDue check button - it works as expected.

How it works under the hood

Suppose you have first pressed Ctrl key and then select the first and fourth row, how UI5 framework reacts to this event?

Set a breakpoint on function OnClick of file TablePointerExtension.js, and there is one attribute ctrlKey in the native HTML event object which indicates whether the Ctrl key is pressed in current event.

With this indicator, UI5 framework could react accordingly:

Since I have selected the SelectOption of my list as multiSelect, so UI5 uses an array to store the selected rows' indexes:

Now when you click Overdue Check button with the state that first and fourth rows are selected, the breakpoint set in method SendAsyncPostRequest in file Request.js will be triggered. Check what exactly the data will be sent to backend by inspecting variable mParameters:

It clearly shows that the node ID of selected two BO instances are passed to backend for action execution.

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