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Tools like HTTPWatch and In-Tenant Performance Reporting provide a limited breakdown of the overall processing time into client, network and server. There are however no further details about the server processing, how customizations and integrations impact the performance.

Till standard reports are available, this can be accomplished via a custom report based on the same data source that powers the In-Tenant Performance Reporting. That data source provides details about times spent in web service calls, workflow execution and SDK code (custom code developed in the SAP Cloud Developer Studio, also referred to as PDI).

Use the BUSINESS ANALYTICS work center to create a new report based on data source “(Beta) Response Time Analysis”:

Use the default selection which already includes workflow execution, PDI as well as Web Service processing times:

Complete the report creation and start the analysis:

The report allows you to analyze processing times based on date/time, work centers and other characteristics. Processing time spent in SDK (PDI) code, web services and workflow rules is part of the overall Server Time.

If there are for example problems with the execution of web service calls to due long processing times in a remote system, the report would show high “Web Service Processing Times”:

In similar fashion, SDK (PDI) code and workflow processing will also show up in the report:

In case the total server time is above acceptable levels, the individual components contributing to it need to be analyzed in detail.

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