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Hello All,

Whether you already have done some adaptations in Ticket screen in HTML5, and now is using the Responsive UI (RUI, Fiori), you probably noticed that this changes were not reflected there.

When changes are done in Tickets WoC in HTML5 UI using “Adapt” (like hidden fields, change columns, page layouts) these changes are not reflected in RUI, and it is an expected behavior of Cloud for Customer.

It is because the floorplan of RUI is different that the HTML5.

So when you desire to apply change in Tickets WoC in Fiori you must use the tag “&simulateRUI=true”, in the end of the URL of the HTML5 logon screen.


The standard HTML5 URL is something like the link below:


So, you will put the tag “&simulateRUI=true” after the “runtime” in the end of the link.

The new link should be like the below:


Now the changes done using this tag will be replicated in RUI.


Currently, since release 1708, we have the option "Open Layout in HTML5" available in the user menu. Just click on it, and the RUI floorplan will be opened to edition.


I hope that this information be helpful for you! 🙂