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Since the moment we realized we had to postpone the organization of the SAP International Utilities Conference in Basel, beginning of April, we immediately started the internal discussion in the team on what could be our plan B.

At about the same moment, we realized we were already working on an alternative. The SAP Industries Forum: Utilities! A semi-live Virtual Industry event with a one hour duration that attracted more than 2000 registrations – being 85% non-SAP attendees - broadcasted by March 26th and available for offline reproduction here.

The tremendous success we had with this initiative gave us the additional confidence on organizing a full SAP Utility Week with 5 days of contents organized across the overall strategic directions that SAP is taking for this industry together with 4 days focused on the core industry transformation propositions that SAP for Utilities supports end to end: Assets, Energy & Markets, Customers and Service.

It was my absolute privilege to open this first ever SAP Utility Week. When opening, I realized that we were again very close to the magic number of 2000 registrations, having this number confirmed for 5 days and 5 different sessions.

What an amazing achievement! I also shared with my family that evening: I have been broadcasting live from our home office to the entire world with more than 1000 people watching!

While keeping my introduction short I wanted to be sure we could cover some of the pressing topics of the current context in the Industry:

    • The COVID-19 crisis and respective SAP proposition for common and related challenges where SAP capabilities (most of them already in place in our customers) can help and support.

    • An overview of the current industry trends complemented with my personal testimony on how I became an active energy prosumer since about one year.

  • Overview on how SAP comprehensive answers to the requirements of energy transition, environmental sustainability leveraging digital transformation.

  • Highlight of the 5 unique Intelligent Enterprise Capabilities that SAP offers to Utilities:

    • DO: Assisted & Automated Business Process Execution

    • SEE: Advanced Analytics Business Insights

    • CHANGE: Innovation Platform to support unique business models and capabilities

    • COLLABORATE: Supporting Collaborative Business Networks for core and non-core business processes

    • EXPERIENCE: Experience Management platforms across all business moments provided in front of all stakeholders, from customers to vendors and partners

  • Highlighting a set of unique references across the Globe, where I was able to pick one live customer example from each continent: Latin America, North America, Europe, APJ/ANZ.

Like I did in my session, I would like to appeal to everyone to spend time understanding:

  • The importance of the 5 dimensions for any Digital Transformation Project you are initiating or revisiting.

  • The relevance of the SAP proposition for each of the 4 core Industry Transformations

  • The bi-modal SAP for Utilities roadmap, where we invest OnPremise and OnCloud.

Do not miss to watch a replay HERE

My Very Best Regards