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What is Web Channel?

Web Channel allows you to communicate with your customers when it matters the most: while they are actively visiting your website.

We offer various campaign types, allowing you to select the right container for your message, like overlays for special offers and forms, ribbons for informational messages, or embedded campaigns with endless possibilities to add new elements to your website or personalize its contents.

We’ve prepared some use cases and examples to give you a better idea:

Web Channel works on both desktop and mobile browsers and is of course fully integrated into all the capabilities of the SAP Emarsys platform. Use personalization, segmentation, recommendations, and automations to create a seamless omnichannel experience where you can serve truly personalized messages that are relevant at the exact moment your customers see them. 

What is Web Channel NOT?

It’s important to distinguish between Web Channel and two other Emarsys channels: Web Push and Mobile Engage.

  • Web Channel displays messages inside your web shop, so you can target them during their visit. 

  • Web Push displays messages in any active browser, so you can retarget customers after they have left your shop, or even closed that browser tab.

  • To engage with contacts who are in your app, you will need Mobile Engage.

How does it work?

First, you need to add SAP Emarsys's data collection script, Web Extend, to your website. Learn more about the integration process. If you are using Shopify, Magento, or SAP Upscale, you are just a few clicks away from utilizing Web Channel.

Web Channel collects what pages your customers visit, what they put in their carts, and how much they spend. These events are used by Web Channel to trigger messages at just the right time, for example:

  • Maybe a customer has already put a few items in their cart and, but we detect an exit intent. This is a great time to incentivize them to finish their purchase by offering free shipping if they finish their purchase within a limited time frame. 

  • Perhaps you have a special promotion and want to offer a product that complements the one that is already in their cart to increase the order value. With Web Channel's overlay feature, you can easily direct them to a product or category page. 

Be sure to check out our ready-made strategies and Tactics to see what else you can achieve.


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I’ll be writing up another blog post soon, so make sure to follow the SAP Emarsys web personalization tag to keep up to date with our developments.

And of course, if you have any other questions or comments, please post them here.