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Tomorrow sees the second episode in our a brand new, educational Performance Series of webinars (you can sign up for it here). I watched the first episode two weeks ago (you can watch the recording here) and I have to say I was impressed by this format.

These are not your typical product webinars. They're not even your typical marketing webinars. They are conversational fireside chats between 2 colleagues which guide users on making the most of the Emarsys platform by providing use-case examples, best practices and how-to advice, coming from their own extensive experience as both marketers and consumers.

About the Webinars

The focus of these chats is on building better automation programs and creating more active customers across the lifecycle. The topics we are covering are:

Episode 1 - How to drive the First Purchase with Welcome Series & Lead Re-engagement

Here a Customer Experience Consultant explains how she helps her clients to:

  • Acquire first-time buyers using sign up bonuses, discounts, new products, sweepstakes, and holiday spikes

  • Use data to know when to apply suppression on other campaigns

  • Build engaging welcome content that says more than just “Buy Now”

  • Use Smart Insight lead lifecycle reports to generate repurchases

  • Drive lead re-engagement strategies that are meaningful and use what you know about buyers in an intentional way

It was a show (30-min) chat followed by a live Q&A - if you didn't catch it live, I highly recommend you watch the recording.

Episode 2: How to Keep a Post-Purchase Series Engaging

Here a Technical Adoption Specialist will talk about how you should:

  • Determine whether your post-purchase series adds value

  • See when it’s relevant (or not) for same-day first-time buyers to receive a welcome series

  • Incorporate perfect, personalized cross-sell offers

  • Track and treat returns properly

  • Add the right appeal to 3rd, 4th and 5th purchases

If you think there is room to up your marketing game, or want to see what SAP Emarsys can do, you should sign up for this webinar. (I'll also post the on-demand link afterwards in a comment below this blog.)

Episode 3: How to Win Back Customers (The Right Way)

Here another Technical Adoption Specialist will offer his insights into:

  • How to cater content for defecting vs. inactive customers

  • Why rapid purchase frequency could mean content needs to be more product-focused

  • Upcoming improvements to Replenishment in Max AI

  • The best way to communicate with discount and seasonal buyers

  • Why you should plan your discount for inactive segments with your welcome sequence in mind

The registration page for this webinar will be posted in the Announcements widget at the top of the SAP Emarsys topic page as soon as I have it.

Why now?

These webinars align with our 2022 unPredictions campaignwhich looks at seven commerce marketing priorities as identified by global brand leaders. This year’s seven priorities marketers need to be focused on are:

  • Email: Personalization with Context (And Don’t Settle for Less)​

  • CX: Marketers Must Drive the Agenda for the Customer​

  • Omnichannel Marketing: Meet Customers Where They Want to Meet You​

  • Tech Stack: Stop Wasting Time and Money​

  • Marketing Automation: Free Your Marketing Humans to Do What They Love​

  • AI: Gain the Team Member(s) You So Desperately Need​

  • Loyalty: Deliver the Value Customers Want, So They Keep Coming Back

We're addressing these priorities from all directions - with top-level whitepapers and blogs to detailed webinars like these which dig into the nitty gritty.

Keep across our tag in the SAP Community for more updates and content throughout the year.

Why you?

  • If you are an SAP Emarsys user, these webinars are required viewing. They are short, entertaining and you are guaranteed to come out with at least one insight that will impact your day-to-day work.

  • If you are a marketer but not yet using Emarsys, they give you a good idea of the kind of platform we have, and the kind of teams that support it.

  • And even if you are simply a consumer, they give some revealing insights into what businesses are doing to capture your loyalty, so you can identify which brands are serious about keeping you as a customer and which are not.

I hope you'll join us tomorrow - you won't be disappointed!
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