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In case you missed it... Emarsys launched their final (and I think its safe to say the biggest) product release of the year in October with some huge innovations being announced in the Emarsys platform.

In this blog, I am going to give a summary of all the top features the team has been working on and provide all the resources you need to learn more about them.

📱Channel Updates

  • TikTok Integration - This will allow you to leverage the rich behavioral data and other information collected about your contacts in SAP Emarsys and increase your reach by switching channels and targeting contacts on even more ad networks. 'You can simply set up ad forms within Tiktok and your leads will be automatically uploaded as a dedicated contact list, ready for you to begin your targeted welcome programs.

  • Content Blocks for Web Channel -This is a flexible tool that gives you more freedom and autonomy to build and customize your own layouts using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You can then use these layouts to create your Web Channel campaigns.

  • SMS Segmentation - this new type of segmentation will allow you to create segments based on the interaction of your contacts with your SMS campaigns.

  • Personalization Tokens in Email Subject Line and Other Fields - You can now insert tokens into the Subject line, From Name, and from Email fields under the Email Basics tab.

📊Reporting and Analytics

  • Audience Reporting - you can now go as far back as you want selecting time periods of up to 3 months.In addition to this, you can also easily export the report’s data to a CSV if you need to process the data internally.

  • Campaign Analytics - This dashboard allows to evaluate the performance of your campaigns across different channels.

⚙️Marketers Experience

  • Campaign Distribution -  We’ve moved this functionality from the campaign editor; ut to the campaign list, and expanded its capabilities so you can share your campaigns with your accounts even if they are hosted in different environments.

  • Enterprise SSO - we’ve simplified the initial setup process to integrate with your IDP and put together a user guide on how to enable 3rd party users like outsourced agencies to log in with SSO as well.

  • Appearance Modes - This is under the Profile Menu and allows you to switch between a light or Morning mode and a Dark or Evening mode. This will hopefully allow you to work more comfortably, help you focus on your tasks, and make our platform more accessible to a broader audience.

Coming Soon... 

And last, but certainly not least, we have some big features that are currently being piloted by our customers, before being made generally available. For now, we can give a sneak peek into what's coming:

  • NEW AI Capabilities! - Emarsys are dipping their toe into the world of AI with the AI Subject line Generator. This tool will enable you to generate subject line variations based on the content of your email campaigns in VCE.

  • Google Analytics Integration - This integration will allow you to create segments based on web behavior data collected by Google Analytics and then use these segments for running campaigns on any channel or in Automation Center programs.


Want to learn more? We have resources in four different languages: 

A) Product Release Page for the training videos that give you a whistle-stop tour of the new innovations

B) Check out our Product Release Blog where some of our product managers have made some short summary videos of our biggest release items

🎉- Thanks for reading and I look forward to keeping you updated for more Emarsys Product Releases in 2024! - 🎉