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In my previous blog Create Mass Products by code in S4HANA for Customer Management I mentioned that we have created a high volume of test data for performance measurement before S/4HANA for Customer Management is released. In that blog I explain how to create mass Products via ABAP code, and this blog is for Service document like Service Order and Service Request.

The source code of report could be found from my github.

An example of report input:

See a subset of created Service Orders below:

The created service order contains a random number of products with random amount of quantity:

For Sales Organization and Service Organization, I read all available one in current system and assign them to each order randomly as well.

The order creation is achieved by CRM_ORDER_MAINTAIN and CRM_ORDER_SAVE whose usage is exactly the same as in SAP CRM:

For Service Request creation(source code here), I have performed a little enhancement compared with Service Order creation: an additional parameter "Schema ID" could be specified:

This schema ID is used to create the subject data displayed in Service Request header region, whose creation detail is introduced in my blog How to create Service Request subject data by code.

In my blog CRM One Order Model Redesign in S/4HANA for Customer Management 1.0 – Part 1 I have introduced how one order read API works under new persistence model. In my next blog I will introduce the write scenario ( create & update ).