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Convergent Billing is a functionality offered by SAP to optimize billing processes for utility companies. It enables the consolidation of diverse services, promoting efficiency and accuracy. In this blog, we explore the integration of Debit Memo Request (DMR) and Billing Document Request (BDR) generated within the service process.


DMR (Transaction Code DP92) pertains to a document created in the SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) module, allowing customers to request a debit memo. Our focus lies specifically on DMR generated through this transaction.


BDR, on the other hand, is a process within the SAP Financials (FI) module responsible for generating billing documents for customers. In our context, we refer to BDR generated via the Release for Billing Application in the Service Scenario.


When combining multiple documents of different types, invoice splitting occurs, considering factors such as references, billing dates, and creation dates. For split criteria, please refer to the following note: [11162] on the SAP Launchpad (


In our scenario, combining DMR and BDR leads to a split analysis indicating different references in the two documents.


This discrepancy arises due to variations in the copy control configuration of BDR and DMR. In the standard delivery customization, the copy control of billing documents to billing documents entails the following parameters:

Parameters for Copy Control of Billing Document to Billing Document


Similarly, the copy control of billing documents to sales documents includes the following parameters:

Parameters for Copy Control of Billing Document to Sales Document


As observed, the reference number field differs in these copy controls. To achieve convergent billing, it is necessary to ensure consistency by either leaving the reference number field blank in both copy controls or setting it to 'A' in both controls.


Upon modifying these parameters, the BDR and DMR can be combined into a single invoice, facilitating a more streamlined billing process.
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