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A common request for many of our Cloud for Service customers is the ability to create templates of ticket so end users can quickly create tickets by having the header values and service items defaulted to reduce average handle time. The following is a simple SDK solution example to enable this. We will update this blog with installation and download instructions to get the SDK solution so you can add this solution to your tenant. The example is for a Service Ticket, but could be easily adapted for similar use-case with Quote, Opportunity, Visit, and other C4Customer transaction objects that have a header and items data model. All the credit goes to Kiran Biradarpatil, one of our developers in Cloud for Service who came up with this SDK example on his free time.

Here is a preview of the capability:

1. Create a service template by opening the Service Template work center.

2. Fill out the details of the service template by adding services and parts, as well as setting any service ticket header values you want defaulted when a template is applied to the service ticket when you create the ticket.

3. Set the template as Active in the Action menu to Activate the template so you can use it.

4. If you want this template to automatically be applied to the ticket when a Service Ticket Type is set on the ticket, specify a Service Type in the Template (the example shown has ZSO- Service Order defined) and set the template as Default in the Action menu.

5. Open the Ticket Quick Create and set the Ticket Type. The default template you defined in step 4 will be automatically applied. If you don't want this template applied you can always change it by changing the Service Template field in the Service Ticket quick create.

6. Save and open the Ticket. Open the Service and Parts tab of the ticket and you will notice the services and parts have been automatically added to the Service Ticket along with the header values.... if you look closely in the Services and Part list there is Service Cost and Service Pricing as well as summary Cost/Pricing in the header area of the Ticket. Will share how Service Costing and Service pricing feature that is also included in this SDK solution in the next blog.

Thanks and enjoy,

Rei Kasai

Global Head of Product

Cloud for Service and Social