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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert


We are excited to announce the release of our latest videos:

Access the short, self-contained enablement videos to help you expand your knowledge of SAP Marketing Cloud's Content Studio, available on openSAP Microlearning and YouTube.

As of Release 1911, the Content Studio app contains a new editor, which you can use to create and design emails and email templates. As a marketing expert, this editor enables you to easily design emails without having any HTML experience. The flexible modern content editor is a very intuitive tool for creating powerful marketing emails. With its drag& drop functions, you can easily create layouts. For the layout design also use reusable blocks and conditions through to sending test mails.
Up to Release 2308, the content types were called Email Lite and Email Template Lite. Now, they are called Email and Email Template, in distinction to the legacy content types Email (Legacy Editor) and Email Template (Legacy Editor).


Video - Creating a Personalized Email in Content Studio

This video shows you:

  • The basic functions of the Toolbox in Content Studio.

  • The column-based responsive layout.

  • How to insert reusable blocks to your content.

  • How to add personalization attributes, images, and hyperlinks.

  • How to change colors and size in emails.


Video - Using Previews for Your Email

Wouldn't you like to see how your email is displayed to your customers and how it looks on various devices before you send it out?

In this video, we’ll walk you through how to ensure that your email is displayed correctly using Previews.


Coming soon Video - Using Conditions for Emails in Content Studio


For further info, see our Application Help


Don’t miss out! Check out our new videos today.

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