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SAP has stated the intent to fully embrace the Fiori framework of design thinking, user centric design and associated technologies to power future user interaction for end users working with SAP SaaS offerings, services, products and solutions.

McDermott wants every SAP customer to share the same success as Conagra and Nespresso by running a simple user experience with Fiori capabilities. “Everyone said we shouldn’t charge for Fiori. I agree. Fiori is now included free. We believe the future is not what you get from customers but what you give to them. SAP is with you every step of the way. We promise to be your trusted innovator whether running on mobile, on premise or in cloud.”

It is with this background that SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C) has embarked on the journey to fulfill on this promise from SAP to end users of the C4C SaaS offering, by offering a fully Fiori powered user experience that you have referenced as the “Responsive UI”.

Our overall guidance to C4C customers as of the moment is as following:

  • The user interfaces will converge into a single user interface powered by Fiori in the future
  • Business users at C4C customers should work with the HTML5 user interface for the time being
  • Service administrators and key users should leverage the Silverlight user interface to be able to make the most of their tasks vis-à-vis powering up the C4C SaaS offering for their end business users
  • Customer key users and administrators will be provided guidance regarding a potential switch to the “Responsive UI” with every release laying out what is doable and what limitations exist at that point in time with the new UI and they can evaluate whether they want to switch their business users to the new UI, as appropriate
  • Customers key users and administrators are free to evaluate the capabilities of the “Responsive UI” at any point in time and decide whether they want to switch to the new UI

As regards mobile device based end user interaction with C4C:

  • SAP keeps a very close eye on how the topic of customer engagement leveraging various mobile device formats like phones/tablets/phablets/smartwatches is evolving in the market over time across different geographies and industries
  • The above will influence our strategy in continuum when it comes to helping C4C customers engage their customers leveraging these different mobile device formats
  • We might go for a single end-to-end app or point applications to help customers in various industries, with different work patterns and geographies, as appropriate, leveraging the strengths of various device formats when it comes to helping C4C Customers Engage Customers Like Never Before

Stay tuned for further updates via our quarterly calls that we hold for the ecosystem with every release of the C4C SaaS offering to understand how the user interaction will converge and how SAP articulates mobile device format based interactivity to help C4C customers Engage Customers Like Never Before.

Thank you for your time and attention,
Your C4C SaaS Team

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