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You have purchased one of SAP’s bundled cloud solutions such as SAP Marketing Cloud? Did you ever wonder where to find information about the systems you are provided with? Or what the current release version is? Or when your systems will be upgraded?

If so, it might be worth checking the SAP Cloud Solution Center, which resides as a separate application in the SAP ONE Support Launchpad.

This application has compiled the most relevant information about your cloud solutions in one single spot. You don’t have to search for every bit of information any longer as everything is at hand.

What’s in it for You?

What’s so interesting about SAP Cloud Solution Center? What will you find in there? The app includes an overview and various dedicated details sections. Let’s have a look at the overview first.

You’ll find quick answers to the following questions:

  • Which cloud solutions have I purchased?

  • Which supportive components come in a bundle with my purchased solutions?

  • Which additional solutions might match my current portfolio?

For every solution and component, you can see at a glance how many systems are in place and how many incidents are currently relevant.

Home Screen of SAP Cloud Solution Center (click to enlarge)

Details, Details, Details

But the icing on the cake is the details screen available for every single specified system and component. Just click one of the entries, and you are prompted to a whole bunch of detailed information:

  • You can use the details screen to work on the incidents that you have created. The screen does not only contain the number of incidents, but all available incidents divided into those with proposed solutions and those that require your action. Just click the incident number to quickly navigate to the required incidents in the SAP Support Portal.

  • No matter where the available information on your systems might be dispersed, wherever it might be hidden - on the details screen the following system details are consolidated:

    1. Available systems (test, production)

    2. Current release version

    3. Access URL

    4. Hosting datacenter

  • If you don’t know when your systems will be upgraded to the next release – the details screen has the answer. In the Planned Upgrade section for every system, you can see the following upgrade schedule details:

    1. The weekend the next upgrade is planned

    2. The exact start of the system downtime

    3. The target version to which your system will be upgraded

  • If you cannot find the initial onboarding emails anymore, which you received after purchasing the cloud solution: just use the self-services on the details screen. You are immediately directed to the ticketing system with the correct component preselected. Just create the ticket and request the resending of the initial emails.

  • And, finally, the Learn More button will surprise you with various links to general useful information on the solution such as guides, product documentation, trainings, trial systems, and videos.

Details Screen of SAP Cloud Solution Center (click to enlarge)

Of course, not every detail is available yet for every solution or component but a purchased solution such as SAP Marketing Cloud is fully provided with all details presented above.

Check it Out - Now

Check out the SAP Cloud Solution Center now under All you need is a valid S-user. If not yet done, you can add the SAP Cloud Solution Center tile to your SAP ONE Support Launchpad using the Personalize button in the upper left corner of the launchpad. Locate the tile and simply add it.

For any kind of feedback on the SAP Cloud Solution Center, please leave us a note in the comments below. We will definitely follow up on it.

Update (September 2021) - SAP Cloud Solution Center Retired

As of September 23, 2021, SAP Cloud Solution Center has been removed from the SAP ONE Support Launchpad. The services of the SAP Cloud Solution Center are offered in the SAP for Me Customer Portal and can be accessed there as follows:

  • For information on your purchased solutions, see the Your Products card on the Portfolio and Products dashboard.

  • For information on your systems and the corresponding number of incidents, see the column Systems in that card, or enter the Systems and Provisioning dashboard.

  • For details on your incidents, see the Support and Maintenance dashboard.

  • For the license status (for example, the number of contacts in your system in SAP Marketing Cloud), see the Consumption section in the Finance and Legal dashboard.

Note that the links to SAP for Me provided above can only be accessed with a valid S-User.