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We in 1611 have tried to address the following use case : - As a sales rep, I would like to securely upload my contacts without fear of sharing the contact details with peers/partners. (Given that all users are restricted to only see contacts they are assigned to).

With 1611 release of SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer will offer the possibility to assign employees to contact under a new facet called 'Contact Team' and additionally will also offer the possibility to configure access restrictions for contact based on contact team assignment .

Contact team:- With 1611 sales reps can directly assign employees to a contact under a new personalized hidden facet called contact team .Like Account team in accounts, you can also assign an employee as main employee responsible for the contact , additionally this contact employee assignment will also be considered in the 'My Contact' query , which means a sales rep will also see contacts where he is part of the contact team ( besides all contact which belong to 'My Accounts' )

You can turn on the feature to restrict contacts based on contact employee assignment by turning on the following BC scoping question.If the business role is configured to have access restrictions for contacts then all the access rules with employee reference will always refer to contact team assignment for contact employee restrictions .

It is also important to know that the access restrictions for contact is a mixture of access references from account and those derived from contact employee assignment .

Let me explain this with an example : As a user the business role assigned to me allows me to see accounts which belongs to my territory(rule 2) , for contacts my role has been restrict to see territory and employee (rule 2) .

This means I will have access to all accounts which belong to my territory and also to accounts where I am part of account team .

For contact ,  I will have access to all contacts for account derived in the point above , in addition I will also have access to have all contacts where I am part of contact team ( which could also mean that I have access to contact - via contact team assignment but cannot access the account )

Limitations :-

If you have configured the access restrictions for contacts and assuming a case where a user has no access to main contact of an account .

1) The user will still see the contact name in the account OWL .

2) The user will still see the contact name in the account details view.

3) If you have assigned any contact as sales area dependent , then the contact name will be visible in the relationship tab

4) The user will still see the contact name in the transactions where the contact is an involved party