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The healthcare sector is faced with many challenges - and resulting opportunities. Increasing cost pressure and growing patient needs and empowerment drive digital transformation. For these reasons, I am looking forward to this year’s conhIT, the major European event for healthcare IT. The agenda of conhIT is packed with the topics that move the industry: from diagnostics to networked and mobile health care, security, and robotics. SAP and its partners will demonstrate how the cooperation between hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and doctors can be made more efficient, and how the quality of medical treatment can be improved with the aid of 21st century IT.

In the SAP booth Hall 3.2, Booth A-105, precision medicine offerings and customer use cases, real-time analyzes of clinical and genomic data, pain assessment and therapy, tumor databases, and IoT scenarios will be showcased. Modern recruiting and learning with cloud-based solutions, administration and billing processes and patient management are also on the agenda. Several partners, such as Sqilline, GITG, DSAG and T-Systems will join SAP in the SAP booth.

In addition, Sqilline and SAP will also  present at the Webit Conference in Sofia, also on April 25, 26.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: On April 25, 2017, the SAP partner Sqilline, together with its pharma partner, will present a solution that addresses hospitals – their patients and oncologists – as well as the associated pharmaceutical companies. This media panel discussion in the SAP booth  will highlight how the right therapeutic approach can be identified faster and more accurately, through the shared use and analysis of patient outcomes. One example scenario is the differentiated data analysis for breast cancer patients, allowing for a personalized therapeutic approach.

Desislava Mihaylova, General Manager of Sqilline, provided the following input about this media event:

"Sqilline will be showing this new product “Danny“ (as well as their Smart DI solution live. Danny is an analytic solution that provides aggregated data reports and predictive analytic tools to help oncologists determine the appropriate chemotherapy, drugs combinations and drugs scheduling in breast cancer treatment. Danny thus supports oncologists and pharma companies to make better decisions to:

  • Speed up the treatment therapy by using an aggregated data report per patient, group of patients, or type of treatment – adjuvant, neoadjuvant, metastatic breast cancer (“lines” of treatment).

  • Switch to a potentially more effective regimen and avoid unnecessary side effects, by identifying patients who are not responding to a particular treatment.

  • Predict breast cancer survival and prognosis of breast cancer relapse.

  • Improve preventive medicine in breast cancer - identify patients with high breast cancer risk based on building cancer family trees and suggest genetic tests.

SAP is a strategic partner for Sqilline’s portfolio. Sqilline partners with SAP in the areas of Precision Medicine, Healthcare and Life Sciences, providing an unique opportunity for Sqilline to build and integrate their solution on top of the SAP Health platform. Sqilline is all about transforming human health and transforming businesses. With a focus on Precision Medicine, Sqilline develops machine learning algorithms in the area of breast cancer and leukemia treatments. Ultimately, Sqilline's strategy is to connect oncologist centers in Europe with the SAP Health platform, to provide researchers, oncologists and pharma industry better insights for cancer treatment."

I look forward to seeing you on site at conhIT, please contact me through the comments section with your feedback or to set up an appointment."