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Hi Friends,

in my recent customer project customer complains to me that they can not navigate from the workflow search result to the target UI.

The workflow work item is a document generated via SAP document builder. They would like to navigate to the document detail page and then decide whether to approve the document or not. With SAP standard solution so far in CRM7.0 EHP3, this is not possible since this work item does not have any BOR type but instead modeled via ABAP class /IPRO/CL_WFL_DOCUMNT. What's more, the target document page is built via ABAP webdynpro which has not respective concept like UI object type, Genil component or BOL object name.

So in order to enable customer to see the document page, I just enhance the standard table to add a new column named "Document URL". By clicking the hyperlink of that column, it will create a new popup window to display the document page.

The solution could be concluded as below steps:


enhance a new attribute DOC_URL in standard context node SEARCHRESULTNODE, implement Getter and P Getter.

in Getter, just get the target document page url via utility class:

method GET_DOC_URL.
value = zcl_document_utility=>get_display_value( iterator ).

in p getter, set the event handler for hyperlink click event:

CASE iv_property.
WHEN if_bsp_wd_model_setter_getter=>fp_fieldtype.
rv_value = cl_bsp_dlc_view_descriptor=>field_type_event_link.
WHEN if_bsp_wd_model_setter_getter=>fp_onclick.
rv_value = 'DISPLAY_DOC'.


define component usage GS_CMSRCH:

and in event handler for DISPLAY_DOC:

DATA(lv_title) = cl_wd_utilities=>get_otr_text_by_alias( 'Document(to be approved) Preview' ). "#EC NOTEXT
DATA(lr_popup) = io_wd_manager->create_popup( iv_interface_view_name = 'GS_CMSRCH/CMDisplayContentWindow'
iv_usage_name = 'GS_CMSRCH'
iv_title = lv_title ).
DATA(lr_cn) = lr_popup->get_context_node( 'PARAMS' ).
DATA(lr_obj) = lr_cn->collection_wrapper->get_current( ).
READ TABLE st_url_buffer ASSIGNING FIELD-SYMBOL(<buffer>) WITH KEY uuid = iv_guid.
CHECK sy-subrc = 0.
DATA(ls_params) = VALUE crmt_gsurlpopup_params( url = <buffer>-url height = '1000' ).
lr_obj->set_properties( ls_params ).
lr_popup->set_display_mode( if_bsp_wd_popup=>C_DISPLAY_MODE_PLAIN ).
lr_popup->set_window_width( 1000 ).
lr_popup->set_window_height( 10000 ).
lr_popup->open( ).

And that's all.

Interface window CMDisplayContentWindow is a new window created by SAP in EHP3 SP3. There is no magic inside it: just open the target window via JavaScript

you can also use the reuse component GSURLPOPUP, which can achieve the same result but with different html markup.

After I finish it, I soon realized that in this dedicated case, it is possible to "navigate" to the target ABAP webdynpro page via CRM navigation framework itself. I will explain how to do it in my next blog.

The source code of zcl_document_utility could be found from my github.