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Function Overview

with the new feature pack (8) it is possible to integrate cco with sap erp. This blog post explains the brand-new stock overview function.

The following diagram is the technical structure of the "inventory query" function using the example of an ERP system.


enter the destination of the third-party system

    • Destination type and subtype

    • Host address and path for communication

    • Authentication with username and password

    • Set status to active



add the dispatcher

    • activate the dispatcher service for the business object “stock overview”

    • Important: If you used a third party system, it is necessary to set the right path


function module for calling up the stock informations from the erp system --> endpoint to request stock overview function:

  • parameter

    • list of article codes [;] = is required

    • list of warehouse Ids [;]

    • company Id for which request should be done

    • cash desk Id that initiated the request

    • requested user Id who initiated the request


  • response example (Returns the stock overview)


Quick selection button

activate the function button in the quick selection mode


Note: the stock overview is not activated for SAP Business One implementation (new user interface)